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Actual comments from users:

  • I recently became aware of Weather1 and was so impressed I just subscribed for a year. Weather1 appears to work flawlessly with everything from Windows 95 on. I'm typing this currently on Windows NT 4.0. I appreciate the support of older versions of Windows and hope this can continue. There aren't that many weather programs these days for legacy Windows and of those that exist, few are up to the quality of Weather1!
    - Chris W., Virginia, USA (12/31/2010)

  • "Tired of the viruses and bugs in WeatherStudio. Now I use Weather1. It's the BEST!"
    - John S., Akron, OH, USA

  • "I got fed up with the cost/problems of both accuweather and weatherbug so I googled for weather system tray programs. Tried a couple, got yours liked it and decided it was the keeper."
    - Bruce B., Dayton, OH, USA

  • Weather1 is the best and most complete meteorological data retrieval tool and program that I have ever used or have ever seen! With the resources we had in the FAA and NWS, I have not yet used such a remarkable tool. It covers all aspects of meteorological data. Not just for the professional. . . It is very "User Friendly" and comprehensive."
    - John Harris, Air Traffic Controller, Federal Aviation Administration

  • "This is GREAT software for people like me who love all things weather! Better than the old defunct IGS WinWeather, and many times better than the evil WeatherBug software. So versatile and packed with options, I really can't imagine how it could be improved. Great support, too--I found a bug and Kelly literally addressed it overnight. Working on a farm, we depend on the most up to date weather information. Weather1 sure makes that easy--and you can't beat the price. Thank you, Kelly, for Weather1."
    - B.D. Sampson, Petersburg, Illinois, USA

  • I need to tell you you're Weather1 info and forecast is like a bible to my family. All of my children have learned to go to my computer to find out what the weather is going to be like for the day so they know how to dress for school. In addition just to keep us informed I have Weather1 checking the temperature for us every 30 minutes and announcing it on my computer. Our weather temperature can go from one extreme to another in no time and this helps so much to know when to tell children they can't go outside without coats, etc.
    I check the temperature and forecast every morning first thing when I get up and the last thing before I go to bed. It has become like one of our family members. Thank you so much for Weather1"
    - Diane Y., Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

  • "I am the Meteorology Specialist in Charge at Weather Technologies. We provide Emergency Weather Services to the southern part of West Virginia. I have downloaded a copy of Weather1. I find it to be the best software of it's kind anywhere!"
    - Victor B., West Virginia, USA.

  • We L-O-V-E Weather 1, as we travel throughout the U.S. and over the Europe. We use the International listings to track potential travel-related problems and to know what to expect when we get there. If our computers are running - so is Weather 1. It's the best!",
    - B. G., Manager, International Business Relations, BigValue.Net, W. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  • "I just want to say I'm enjoying Weather1 very much. Thank you very much for the updates. Most other apps. you have to go check on updates yourself. This is refreshing! I'm telling my friends about your program."
    - Frank R., Pennsylvania, USA.

  • Just a quick note to tell you how happy I am for your program. Living here on the Island of Kauai, it's great to have this type of info; due mostly to Hurricanes... the last one almost wiped us out. Aloha for now and keep up the great job your doing!"
    - Allyn, Kauai, Hawaii.

  • "Weather1 is the weather software I've been looking for! I'm in San Antonio, Texas. This area can change its weather in the blink of an eye and staying on top of this can be hard, but Weather1 has all the stuff I need to do just that. I like it!"
    - Patrick S., 100% Computers.

  • ...great work by the way, The program is amazingly stable and runs so unobtrusively in the background that I haven't noticed any tapping of system resources. Very good marks for any program when that's the case!"
    - Vickie, North Carolina, USA.

  • "It is one of the best weather programs that I have ever seen. I could use it all day if the wife didn't yell at me. (LOL) So much to see and do."
    - Tim.

  • I just downloaded your WX1 program. I am absolutley impressed. I am sitting here this morning completly blown away by your product. Thank you very much for your effort. I will pass your URL on to friends."
    - Lloyd, Missouri, USA.

  • We are pleased to have registered such a wonderful product. We run an educational radio station, and this software has proven invaluable for our on-air staff. We have a workstation in the control room that keeps this program on the screen for our D.J.'s.
    - American Broadcasting School, Oklahoma, USA.

  • I am really impressed as to how much Weather1 has evolved in just the past few months. I especially find the live-cam to be way cool! Thanks so much for such fine quality work!
    - Jim, South Carolina, USA.

  • "This is one of the most amazing software I have downloaded from the web since '94. Thank you for your exceptional talent, now people can have an updated weather info everyday without turning on the TV."
    - Mhi-ke, Editor/CDROM Infobase Technician, Lexis Law Publishing.

  • ...I've gotta tell you, I've been working in Navy weather for over 20 years and this is absolutely the best product I have ever seen for home/office use. I am currently in charge of the Navy weather office at Willow Grove Naval Air Station/Joint Reserve Base. The aviation community that we support is gonna love this program. I have never come across one package that puts together so much info in such an easy to use set-up.
    I am sending a link to your home page and download info to everyone I know that's working in weather, including the many pilots both active and reserve that fly through Willow Grove. Keep up the great work, and I'll be spreading the word. Thanks again!"
    - Joe, Willow Grove Naval Air Station/Joint Reserve Base, PA, USA.

  • "I just want to say I think you are doing a great job with Weather1. I will highly recommend this program to just about everyone I know with a computer, and if they don't have one I'll try to talk them into buying one, and of course, add your program to it. I often download and try utility programs and I must say yours is the one I use the most. This program will become essential during bad weather. When the Tornadoes were going through the other night I was constantly getting updates from the Severe weather warnings page, before I always had to rely on the TV, and reception for local news would often fail and I wouldn't know what was going on, but not anymore. Again THANKS FOR A JOB WELL DONE." - Ray B., Arkansas.

  • We cater many BBQ's and out door functions year around here on the Gulf Coast, in Citrus County. Long range and short range weather forecasts are CRITICAL to our business."
    - David, Sesame's Catering Of Homosassa, Florida, USA.

  • "You have really put out a great weather program. No other program can come close to what you have. You spend a great deal of time putting the number one weather program together. Thank You for such a great program."
    - Phil H., Oklahoma, USA.

  • My day job is a Captain for Continental Airlines. Your Weather1 is the best program of it's type. You have done a great job.
    1. Weather1 displays the weather as you need to see it.
    2. The gui is easy to use for your custom links and modifications.
    3. Weather1 has an excellent format that allows the user to retrieve custom weather data in a logical manner and with great speed.
    4. All your weather data can be accessed from this one gui interface thus replacing other scattered browser links and shortcuts.
    5. This product works for weather professionals and those who just need a simple temperature or forecast.
    6. The secret is in the author's considerable development effort and attention to user modification simplicity.
    7. The Weather1 is a must for every user.
    Please keep up the good work. Thanks again for a great product."
    - Jim R., Pacific Palisades, California, USA.

  • "I am impressed with your software. There are others out there but yours is simple and easy to use, and gives you all the information needed without a bunch of ads and such." - Thomas H., Houston, Texas, USA.

  • I want to rave about Weather1.... What a great program!!! I downloaded the steel skin and it looks oh-so-cool. I have allergic asthma and live in the Northeast U.S., so understanding the dewpoint, humidity level and forecast are key. Weather1 also makes it *much* easier to check the pollen and air quality maps.
    I'd been using Winweather for a long while, but I'm now sold on Weather1!!
    Thanks again for providing such wonderful software (at such a reasonable price)!!!"
    - Karen M., CT, USA.

  • Thank you very much for your help. Traffic Tech is an international freight broker. I work mainly in sales and dispatch of meat from USA to Canada, so knowing the weather all across the US and Canada helps me to move the trucks smoothly.
    - M. Boivin, Montreal, Canada

  • I have to give you 3 thumbs up for this one! (I know, I borrowed a buddy's thumb for the 3rd one!). This has got to be the best weather software for a cheap price available to the nerdiest weather geeks (such as I am). Absolutely wonderful! Keep up the good work! Absolutely wonderful program you have going on here! I love Weather1!!
    - Natalie K., Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

  • I've had a registered version of your Weather1 on both my pc at work and home for several years now. [ps I love it! I'm the Facilities Director for the Red Cross in Philadelphia and use it all the time!]
    - D. Nergart, Philadelphia, USA.

  • We love Weather1 here at our site. We use it for all of our daily activity's and scheduling. We are Massachusetts newest Family Theme park and have to monitor the weather closely. Between the use of your software and our tie-in with a local TV station's Doppler radar, we are now quicker in updating our weather page for our visitors. Thank you."
    - Bill, Webmaster, Edaville, MA, USA

  • "Nice piece o'ware."
    - Dave, Senior Consulting Engineer, Rogue Wave Professional Services.

  • I just received my registration today and wanted to say that Weather1 is a fine program. Someday maybe you can sell it to the Weather Channel for really big bucks. Your program beats theirs hands down."
    - Levi N., Texas, USA

  • "After using Weatherbug, then using Weather1, your program winds hands down. It is nice to get up in the morning and see the weather for the day. Keep up the great work!"
    - Mark B., Boston, MA, USA

  • I love it and can't live without it! Seriously, it is quite helpful here at the college during threatening weather days to have access to information constantly on my taskbar. We are in the position of occasionally considering the need to postpone classes if the situation calls for it. Thanks for what you are doing!
    - Henry H., Academic Dean, Virginia College at Birmingham, AL, USA.

  • "I love this program!! I used to have WeatherBug .... it stunk!!
    I live in Buffalo, NY and we need to have good weather reporting here. Due to the affects the Great lakes causes the storm fronts as they approach, storms have a way of just happening very quickly ! I love the ability to have my wallpaper as a updated satellite picture, this way my son doesn't have to keep calling the local weatherstation to find out what its like, he looks at screen and can access the reports and weather statements easily. Keep up the good work !!"
    - Robert A., Buffalo, New York, USA

  • I did a google search after trying to find a weather program for a friend of mine who was using Weather Bug (need I say more) after informing her of the problem of the spybots that WB uses. That's when I came across Weather1 after a google search. I investigated many and yours was my pick especially since you're not commercial and your statement guaranteed that there was no spyware in you program etc. After looking at many, yours was the pick. In fact, I liked it so much I tried it, liked it, and then bought it, I also contributed an extra amount of funds at the amazon site, so you should have a email regarding that fact from Amazon. I still haven't convinced this other person to go to Weather1 yet, but I'll keep on her about it. Meanwhile, thanks so much. It's a nice pgm.
    - Richard H., Indiana, USA

  • "I think it's a really great program. I'm a severe weather spotter for the local NWS here in Syracuse. I actually found your site via a Google search...I think it came up as the first hit, and gave it a look. I really liked what I saw, especially since I can plug in different parts of the world as sites I want to keep an eye on. Currently using "Weather Watcher", it's ok, but doesn't have the flexability of Weather1. I'd be more than willing to assist with beta testing any future products..especially weather related. I really like the starfield screensaver that you show on your info sheet. Your fine product, Weather1, is much nicer than others I've seen and used, and more informative. Great Work! Still learning all the options and features, but it's a blast trying everything out."
    - James M., Syracuse, NY, USA

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